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OpEd in Memory of My Son

Dealing with leaders like Donald Trump and Paul LePage who see Earth as merely something to exploit and profit from, it’s all-too-easy to become desensitized and resort to social media-based hang-wringing. But Mark’s example also offers us a model for “resistance,” and I believe a viable way forward. Continue reading

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The Scourge of Narcissism

There is a narcissistic plague making its way across our nation. The American spirit of the golden rule and concern for our neighbor has been replaced by a mentality driven by what’s in it for me. One of the most … Continue reading

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Middle-skill jobs still comprise half of all Maine work

The conventional wisdom regarding post-secondary education and career preparation has emphasized high-skills/ degree-specific programs rather than technical skills development leading to a post-secondary degree, or certification. This has created a perception that the labor market is comprised of only low-skilled … Continue reading

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Ensuring a healthy future for all of Maine’s children

On Feb. 15, the Maine Children’s Alliance released its Kids Count Data Book to the public with a press conference at the State House. This annual report offers Mainers a “snapshot’ of children’s health, statewide. This yearly progress report provides … Continue reading

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