Hyper-Convenience, High-Tech and the Next Generation of Customer Service (NOLN)

Cover story on mobile oil changes (NOLN, May 2019)

What if one day in the future, we look back and laugh at how we used to drive to our local mechanic, quick lube, auto dealership, or even, attempted to change our own oil in the driveway? Well, it’s possible, especially since convenience is now a primary motivator of today’s consumers.

People are busier than ever before. This leads to stress, as well as that special kind of dread when you glance at your windshield service sticker and then down at your odometer and know it’s time to schedule a simple oil change, or something more involved for your vehicle. Maybe that’s the primary reason that at least a third of Americans have “skipped or delayed service or repairs that were recommended,” as reported by AAA in 2015.

According to Nielsen, a global measurement and analytics company that provides data on consumer needs and markets worldwide, technology is a major driver of this quest for ease and convenience, especially among the younger set. For millennials especially, but also, most other vehicle owners, this need will only continue expanding. Nielsen’s data demonstrates that if you want people’s business these days, you better be investing in formats and tools that enhance convenience and ease-of-use. If you make getting their vehicle serviced difficult, they’ll just take it somewhere that understands the importance of making it easy for them.

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