The Trump Tariffs and Autocare in the U.S. (NOLN)

Trump’s tariffs are affecting U.S. aftercare market. (NON, Feb. 2019)

The topic of President Trump’s tariffs have become a focal point for anyone running a
business in the U.S. This is especially true if your business is directly involved in
servicing cars and trucks, as back in May 2018, the Commerce Department announced
it was launching a Section 232 investigation on passenger vehicles and automotive
parts. Their rationale for this investigation was “whether such imports are weakening our
internal economy and may impair national security.”

As tariffs have been put in place, they are now directly affecting businesses and their
bottom line. Consumers are being impacted in the pocketbook and wallet. Equally
troubling is that tariffs create winners, as well as losers. Some industries benefit, like
steel and aluminum producers. Others are discovering, at least in the short-term, they
are one of the losers. The challenge becomes, what to do next? Do they pass costs on
to customers? And what kind of impact will the tariffs have on their supply chains?

Tariffs aren’t a new thing. They are as old as America. In fact, the first Congress
addressed tariffs back in 1789 (after creating the oaths of office with their first act). This
led to the enactment of the Tariff Act of 1789. Sentiment for tariffs among the Founders
wasn’t universal, however. And in much the same manner, President Trump’s recent
round of tariffs and trade policies have sparked debate among members of Congress
and business leaders

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