A gathering together

As my writing interests have grown and expanded, I’ve entertained finding a way to gather my posts, scattered across multiple sites; I have one blog for writing about culture and life in this place called America, another one capturing my thoughts on writing/publishing, and another related to the workforce work that I do. That’s all been fine and good, but I’ve finally made the decision to centralize my online writing, some of my former freelance material from the past, as well as connect readers to my books and publishing ventures with RiverVision Press.

I looked at consolidating all of this via WordPress and my own domain before, but got bogged down when it came to loading it onto the server.
When jimbaumer.com came up for renewal again in December, my initial thought was to let it expire, as the site located there for the past two years (featuring my writing/publishing services) had become outdated. Traffic was minimal, and I was not sure how I wanted to utilize the site. Fortunately, I didn’t let the domain expire. My name is easier for people to remember than my blog urls for my two Blogger sites, and even the names got forgotten by people attempting to return to my blog (s).

A few friends of mine had created new sites, and this helped push me in the direction of having a one-stop location where I could direct people to the writing and publishing taking place for Jim Baumer.

If you are a follower of my blogging, then the home page of jimbaumer.com is where you’ll find it—all of it—political, culture critiques, opinions, my thoughts on books and the craft of writing, sports, food blogging, etc.

My son has been very helpful in being my technology guide and the person who made it all magically happen. I threw some ideas and thoughts his way, and he assisted with the design functions and organizing what I wanted using WordPress. He has plenty going on in his own life, given that he’s in his second semester of an MFA program at Brown, but as usual, he stepped up to the plate for Dad.

Now, for the first time, this site is the place to come regularly, or semi-regularly to stay current on what’s going on in my world, my thoughts about life, books, politics, and whatever else I’m interested in sharing with readers.

Over the next few months, my goal is to begin to get back to doing some article-style posts on things happening in my home state of Maine. Some of it will track national trends, with a focus on Maine’s side of the equation. Additionally, there is a gubernatorial election taking place with a crowded field of candidates, some exciting events happening with music, food, farming, and other local goings on, so I won’t be lacking in subject matter becoming content to blog about.

With publishing evolving and no one quite sure what it might look like in another year, or two, I’m hesitant to devote all of my limited RiverVision resources into another print project until I have something more defined than what I have in the can right now. The one area I may target on the print side is the possible reprinting of Moxietown, which is currently sold out, and out-of-print. That would happen this summer, probably in conjunction with the Moxie Festival, in Lisbon Falls, where I grew up.

I hope my readers will make the trip here, from Words Matter, Writing in Maine, and Working in Maine. The only one of those three that I’ll update from here on out will be Working in Maine, since it’s my work blog, although I’ll post anything I write on that blog, here at jimbaumer.com.

The easiest way to make sure not to miss a post, or any news on the publishing front with RiverVision, is to subscribe to the RSS feed, which can be accessed at the very top of the page (header), on the far right; just click on “subscribe.”

It feels good to have a new look, and a central home for the passion and love that I bring to the written word.

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