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Laboring to write

I know firsthand that writing involves labor—obviously not the physically exhausting kind that accompanies the manual variety—but the difficult mental and often similarly taxing kind that must shadow the stringing of words together in attractive, cogent patterns. I think this knowledge of how difficult this can be has kept me away from my craft longer than is usual for me. Continue reading

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Success from scratch

I’m now in my fourth year of working for a small nonprofit, focused on workforce development issues. Until I was hired by the Central/Western Maine Workforce Investment Board, I knew little about the complexity of Maine’s workforce development system, and the strategic intersection it has to have with economic development, for Maine to have any kind of future in the 21st century. Continue reading

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Why fitness matters

There are multiple benefits to revving up the physical side of things. How about alleviating stress that comes from work, relationships–life in general? Continue reading

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Michael Pollan on Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! interviews Michael Pollan, the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, and he discusses the link between healthcare and diet, the dangers of processed foods, the power of the meat industry lobby, the “nutritional-industrial complex,” the impact industrial agriculture has on global warming, and his sixty-four rules for eating. “The markets are full of what I call edible food-like substances that you have to avoid,” says Michael Pollan. “So a lot of the rules are to help you, you know, navigate that now very treacherous landscape of the American supermarket.” Continue reading

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A gathering together

As my writing interests have grown and expanded, I’ve entertained finding a way to gather my posts, scattered across multiple sites; I have one blog for writing about culture and life in this place called America, another one capturing my … Continue reading

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