Increasing Profits By Reducing Waste (NOLN)

My December 2017 article on increasing efficiency for National Oil & Lube News.

Increasing Profits by Reducing Waste (NOLN)

Increasing Profits by Reducing Waste (NOLN)


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Taking Convenience to the Next Level Co-branding Your Business (NOLN)

NOLN Nov2017


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Lighting Up Your Wash and Shop (NOLN)

October, 2017/National Oil & Lube News

October, 2017/National Oil & Lube News


(Article link: National Oil & Lube News)

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Fresenius is Open for Collaboration (ABQ)

[Written for American Builders Quarterly]

For decades, corporations in the United States had a stereotypical look and design.

Traditional work spaces were built to house people doing their own tasks. But just as technology, globalization, and shifts in the 21st century culture of work have transformed employment, these same factors are also leading to changes in physical spaces.

Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) is headquartered across four different campus locations in Waltham and Lexington, Massachusetts. The company, which is focused on offering high-quality care to people with chronic renal conditions, is also the world’s only fully vertically integrated renal company. The physical plant houses specialty pharmacy and laboratory services, clinical, and product development, as well as manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and other departments.

In renewing its leases, Fresenius was able to ensure its current footprint for the next 12 years. This also appeared to be the ideal time for corporate team members to examine ways to “open up” the current work environment.

“There has been a company-wide push toward creating a more vibrant, open space, recognizing that it will lead to greater collaboration across work teams,” says John Gioioso, senior director of corporate building operations and real estate at FMCNA. “Clearly, this is the direction that tech companies like Google have gone in. But even traditional industries and companies are seeing the benefits in opening up their work places.”

While Gioioso does not believe one will see employees at Fresenius tossing around footballs anytime soon, he and his corporate team partners believe that there are benefits to drawing people out of their traditional workspaces and into common areas. Enhancing communication is one of them. It’s also a nod to recognizing the changing dynamics and demographics commonly found in the workplace. Continue reading

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Missing Mr. Moxie

Tribute to Frank Anicetti, Mr. Moxie.

Tribute to Frank Anicetti, Mr. Moxie.

Missing Mr. Moxie
As another renown Moxie Festival approaches, ‘Mayor of Moxietown’ Frank Anicetti will be remembered fondly

By Jim Baumer, Special to the Sun Journal

LISBON — Summer’s arrival is sweet, especially when considering the season’s perceived shortness for anyone living in the far northern reaches of New England. For Moxie fans, summer can only mean one thing — yet another Moxie Festival is waiting at the door, with a trip to what’s become Moxie Central in Lisbon Falls.

On the second Saturday each July, thousands of aficionados descend on the town to pay homage to a unique and distinctly different soft drink with one of Maine’s largest local parades. This is an oddity and a demonstration of the rabid following for an elixir developed 132 years ago by Augustin Thompson, a drink he first called Moxie Nerve Food.

While Thompson may be the originator of Moxie, many regarded one man in Lisbon Falls as the face of the soft drink; that’s why, year after year they returned to what has become the epicenter of the Moxie universe. That man, Frank Anicetti, known as “Mr. Moxie” by legions of Moxie’s most affected followers, is why they found a way to Maine and Lisbon Falls each July and it’s been that way for almost 35 years.

This year will be different, however. Anicetti died in May and the festivities will be without their usual unofficial marshal.

Anicetti was the central player and catalyst in transitioning a sleepy local celebration into the well-known gathering it is today. The town is now a festival destination in the Northeast, with Moxie fans descending on the central Maine town from all over the country and the world.

If you know your Moxie history, you’ll know that it all began with author Frank Potter holding a book signing for his “The Moxie Mystique” at Frank Anicetti’s store in 1982, and again in 1983. In 1984, the Moxie Festival created by some forward-thinking residents gained “official” status, in large measure due to its partnership with the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce (now, the LA Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce) and the support of its director at the time, Chip Morrison.
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Dealing With Your Local Food Trucker (NOLN)

Food trucks are the culinary scene’s hot commodity right now. About a decade ago, they started popping up in major metro areas like Los Angeles and New York City. Today, there are few small and mid-sized cities in America without at least a handful of food trucks regularly out on the streets and set-up in parking lots on any given day.

Truth-be-told, the food truck concept isn’t a new one. These kitchens on wheels have been around for years, once predominantly serving construction sites, factories and other locations where blue-collar workers desiring quick, low-cost food could grab lunch and get back to work on their 30-minute lunch break. White collar locales, like New York’s financial district, had multiple food vendors serving lunchtime clientele.

However, when Roy Choi introduced his gourmet Korean tacos dispensed from his own food truck in Los Angeles in 2008, a whole new era of mobile cuisine had begun. Now, it’s not uncommon to find celebrity chefs slinging their signature food out the window of their own trucks. This latest culinary sensation has even prompted academics to spend time analyzing the evolution and transformation of food truck protocol. Continue reading

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Technology Tarnishes Vehicle Dependability for the Second Year in a Row (VehicleMD)

Download the PDF file .

(Article: VehicleMD)

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Baseball and Life

[A baseball essay, for Northern Journeys Magazine/Summer 2016]

Baseball makes up a substantial swath of my own personal history. I love most sports, but baseball is the one that has garnered the lion’s share of my attention over the course of my lifetime.  Baseball was the first sport that I played. It was the sport that my father bequeathed to me and in turn, I passed it on to my own son.

As a talented high school player, I earned a scholarship to play in college. An injury derailed what I thought would be my career path—and I stepped away from the game I grew up with for the better part of my early 20s. It wasn’t until I returned to Maine after a strange sojourn away that I rediscovered the game and it has informed each and every spring (and summer) since then.

As a writer, baseball became the subject matter of my first book, When Towns Had Teams. As a late-blooming writer, I was searching for a narrative that was big enough to fill nearly 300 pages. Baseball beckoned me to make it my own story.

Like with many of my personal passions, history is central in my own understanding of the game. The pastime’s past for me begins with family.

My father’s brother, my Uncle Bob, was a talented left-handed pitcher for the Roberts’ 88’ers. The 88’ers, like many local town teams, were mainstays each summer in communities all across the Pine Tree State. Prior to our digital age, people still went out after dinner and watched local baseball played by men who might also double as their oil delivery man (like my uncle), or become their first American Legion coach and high school athletic director, like the late Stan Doughty was for me. Continue reading

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The 2016 Concept Vehicles: Will They Be Showing Up In Your Bays? (National Oil and Lube News)

Download the PDF file .

(Article: National Oil and Lube News)

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Are Your Customers’ Cars Safe From Hackers? (National Oil and Lube News)

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(Article: National Oil and Lube News)

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