The Scourge of Narcissism

There is a narcissistic plague making its way across our nation. The American spirit of the golden rule and concern for our neighbor has been replaced by a mentality driven by what’s in it for me.

One of the most evident places this new way of thinking shows its selfish face is in the anti-tax rhetoric and movements that disavow civic responsibility and a sense of community togetherness.

In my own state of Maine, a group called the Maine Tax Action Network has foisted a referendum on the voters that if enacted, could devastate our communities and municipalities and kill the civic connectedness that Mainers pride themselves on.

In thinking about the issue of taxes, I’ve tried to find a beachhead where the shifting of civic responsibility began. I contend that it is certainly rooted in the recent gains of conservative ideology, which sees the rights of the individual as more important than the well-being of the group.

Conservatives often ridicule those who believe in the “it takes a village

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